Team exercises employees

About Team Exercises

Team Exercises is the nr 1 platform for exercises to improve cooperation and communication. We have our own 101 team exercises on this website. They also contain a clear explained Youtube video. We decided that other people can also join our community and post their team exercises.

The people

I started the Youtube channel two years ago. I have some help from people who support me in this project.

Herman Otten Train je Team

Creator of the first 101 team exercises

Herman Otten

Herman Otten is an actor from Amsterdam the Netherlands. He gives public speaking classes in Amsterdam and in New York City. A lot of timed friends asked him if he knew some good team building exercises, so he decided to start a platform.

Harm Binnenkade


Harm Binnenkade

Harm advises Herman about the strategy of this platform.

Anita Hermans


Anita Hermans

Anita subtitles the videos. And Anita appears in our yearly Christmas video which we record at her house!

Mohamed Sakka Train je Team


Mohamed Sakka

Mohamed helps Herman with the website if the coding is to difficult for Herman.