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E. hermanotten82@icloud.com, T. +31630331728

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Herman graduated at the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After he worked a lot as an actor for film, television, theatre and radio he is specialised in teaching his public speaking class. He helped hundreds of people to get rid of their public speaking anxiety and motivated over a thousand people to improve their public speaking skills.
His head office is bases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every week he gives his public speaking training group course for individuals. He works as a permanent public speaking in-company trainer and coach for the Dutch Marines, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and many more companies. Since 2017 he gives his group training for individuals in New York City at the Magnet Theater Center.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quick and effective to get rid of their speaking anxiety and he does this for many years with great success.

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How to play Pen Ball Bottle

In this video you learn how to play the fun team building energizer game: Pen, Ball, Bottle. The Penn Ball Bottle game is an excellent team-building game that offers numerous benefits for groups looking to foster camaraderie, communication, and cooperation. This game involves a simple yet engaging premise where participants...

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How to play Hide and Seek

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How to Memorize Fast and Easy 100.000 Words

Learn how to memorize fast and easy 100.000 words with hardly any effort! 🧠💡 If you want to learn how to memorize words fast and easy, the best memorization technique is to visualize the things you would like to memorize. In this video you will learn how to create a...

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How To Play The Human Knot Game

The Human Knot is a fun and challenging game that requires communication, teamwork and problem solving. But how to play the human knot game? During this exercise everyone stands in a circle and hold the hands of someone who is not next to him. They can give each other spoken...

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The Team Motivation Game

In this team motivation game the participants give each other a card when they think someone deserves it based on a certain action of the person. They will choose from the following cards: A ‘Kind’ card, when someone did something kind. A ‘Motivated’ card, when someone did something motivated. A...

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Team building Challenge – Crack the Code

During this Team Building Challenge you divide the team into sub groups and you send each subgroup this team building challenge. The group that solves this puzzle first wins! A team building challenge is highly beneficial for teams across various industries and organizations. These challenges typically involve tasks or activities...

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Emotional Team Building Game – The Funeral

During this emotional team building game, everybody will write a positive speech for every other personas as if they are at their funeral. One by one each person will sit on a chair in front of the group while every other person will read their speech about this person out...

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Sales Techniques – The Magic Words

During this exercise the team will learn sales techniques to influence potential buyers in a positive way to buy their product. First you will explain about how ‘hidden commands’ work. Then the team will role play sales conversations to practice these sales techniques. Practicing sales techniques through exercises can be...

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Sales Training Game – The Gasoline Man

During this sales training game the team will learn how to actively listen and pay attention to, not only what they need themselves, but what the other needs. This is one of the best sales techniques that will work in every situation. A sales training game can provide several valuable...

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Team Building Activity Games – Back to the Office

Team building activity games are a great way to let everyone get used to each other again. During Covid most people stayed at home and therefore improved their cooking skills. This exercise is a great moment to show each other your cooking skills! Everyone cooks a meal of which they...

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Remote Team Building Activities – Never Have I Ever

This is one of our remote team building activities in which the team will play the ‘never have I ever’ game. Everyone from the team will ask 5 questions to the others based on a topic of which he would like to know more about the others. The other will...