The Team Motivation Game

Created by:
Herman Otten
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In this team motivation game the participants give each other a card when they think someone deserves it based on a certain action of the person. They will choose from the following cards:
A ‘Kind’ card, when someone did something kind.
A ‘Motivated’ card, when someone did something motivated.
A ‘Productive’ card, when someone did something productive.
And an ‘Encouraging’ card, when someone encourages someone else.

A team motivation game is a valuable tool for boosting team morale, increasing motivation, and enhancing overall team performance. Here are several reasons why such games are beneficial:

Goal Alignment: These games can align team members with common goals and objectives. When individuals see how their contributions fit into the bigger picture, they are more motivated to work towards shared objectives.

Empowerment: Participation in motivation games empowers team members by giving them a sense of ownership over their performance and motivation levels. They are encouraged to take initiative and control their own motivation.

Creativity and Innovation: A team motivation game that involves creative challenges can stimulate innovative thinking. Team members learn to approach problems from different angles, leading to creative solutions in their work.

Strengthened Team Bonds: A team motivation game provides opportunities for team members to interact and bond outside of their usual work roles. This strengthens relationships, encourages collaboration, and fosters a sense of unity within the team.

Engagement: Team motivation games are designed to be engaging and enjoyable. They inject excitement and energy into the team, making work more interesting and stimulating.

Do you like this team motivation game? Let’s give these variations a try:

Variation 1:
If you think other topics on the cards would be more suitable for the team, for example the card ‘reliable’. Feel free to make extra cards with different topics or swap certain topics.

Variation 2:
You can let the one who got a card be the next one who will get a card and give it to someone. This way you make sure everyone will be involved.

Created by:
Herman Otten
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