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E. hermanotten82@icloud.com, T. +31630331728

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Herman graduated at the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After he worked a lot as an actor for film, television, theatre and radio he is specialised in teaching his public speaking class. He helped hundreds of people to get rid of their public speaking anxiety and motivated over a thousand people to improve their public speaking skills.
His head office is bases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every week he gives his public speaking training group course for individuals. He works as a permanent public speaking in-company trainer and coach for the Dutch Marines, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and many more companies. Since 2017 he gives his group training for individuals in New York City at the Magnet Theater Center.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quick and effective to get rid of their speaking anxiety and he does this for many years with great success.

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Group Activities – The Quiz

This is one of our group activities, everyone will think of three question. An easy one, a medium one and a hard one. One by one every group member will ask their easy question. If a group member thinks that he knows the answer, he says: ‘I’. If he is...

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Group Assignments – Limiting Beliefs

This is one of our group assignments, the team will first come up with individual things they would like to achieve. Next each person come up with a limiting belief which holds them back. And finally he comes up with a solution which takes away his limiting belief. In the...

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Team Activities – A penny for your thoughts

This is one of our great team activities. Prior this exercise you tell everyone to take ten coins. The value doesn’t matter, but make sure the year on each coin is later in time than the year the youngest person of the group is born. Put all the coins in...

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Cooperative Activities – The Stick

This is one of our cooperative activities in which the team forms duos. Each pair gets a stick. Each person puts a pressure with one hand on one side of the stick. The goal is not to drop the stick. Tell them to move back and forth slowly on the...

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Personality Exercises – Handwriting

This is one of our personality exercises in which the group sits in a circle and each person gets a pen and a paper. The trainer calls out a sentence which has something to do with the group. In this case: “The better we concentrate, the better the results.” Each...

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Game for Big Group – Looking Now

Game for big group in which one person stands at the wall on one side of the room and is the watcher. The others go to the wall at the other side of the room. They try to go to the opposite wall without being seen by the watcher. When...

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Exciting Team Meeting Ideas – The Assassin

This is one of our exciting team meeting ideas in which the team will assassinate each other. Each team member gets a card with the name of a team member on it. He needs to assassinate that person by tapping his shoulder. The murdered person is out of the game...

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Active Games – The Snake

This is one of our active games in which the team will form a snake by walking around in a line. The first person in the line is deciding which way the snake goes. He goes on for one minute. When you clap your hands the first person connects to...

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Games for Coworkers – Objects

This is one of our games for coworkers in which the team stands in a big circle. Everyone brought an object to the exercise which, for him, symbolizes an aspect within the team. One person puts his object in the center of the circle and says why he chose that...

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Group Game – Fives

Five is a fun game to do as a warm up group game. One by one each person from the circle tries to guess how many hand the others will put out. If he guesses correctly he is out of the circle. If not, he stays in the circle. Continue...

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Group Building Exercise – Create your own workshop

During this group building exercise each person from the team will choose a category and a team exercise belonging to that category on Youtube.com/teamexercises, of which he thinks the team will benefit from. Each person tells the others why he choses a certain category and exercise, and then he will...