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E. hermanotten82@icloud.com, T. +31630331728

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Herman graduated at the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After he worked a lot as an actor for film, television, theatre and radio he is specialised in teaching his public speaking class. He helped hundreds of people to get rid of their public speaking anxiety and motivated over a thousand people to improve their public speaking skills.
His head office is bases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every week he gives his public speaking training group course for individuals. He works as a permanent public speaking in-company trainer and coach for the Dutch Marines, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and many more companies. Since 2017 he gives his group training for individuals in New York City at the Magnet Theater Center.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quick and effective to get rid of their speaking anxiety and he does this for many years with great success.

All team exercises from Herman Otten

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Active Listening Exercises – Simon Says

During this on of our active listening exercises the team stands in a straight line. The trainer stands in front of the group and gives the team instructions of what to do. For example: clap your hands. The team follows up the instruction and claps his hands. When the trainer...

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Positive Teamwork – Admiring

This exercise will tribute to positive teamwork. First the team will say to each other who they admire. It can be anyone. Next they say who they admire, but now they can only choose from people the all know personally. Next you point to someone of which they all say...

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Simple Team building Games – The Shoe Tower

This is one of our simple team building games in which the team will build a tower with their own shoes. One shoe by another the tower will be build. All shoes has to be used. If the tower falls downs the team has to start over again. Just as...

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Games for Employees – The Right Answer

This is one of our games for employees in which the team will play a game. They all form random duos and you ask them a personal question which they can answer with one word. Person A writes down his answer and person B writes down what he thinks person...

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Creative Team Building Activities – The Newspaper

This is one of our creative team building activities the team will create a team newspaper. The team form groups of three persons which all chooses a category which they will fill with articles about that topic. When each group has done so the news paper will be created and...

Check Team Exercise:

Constructive Feedback Exercise – Like, Like, Like

During this constructive feedback exercise the team forms two lines facing each other. First each person from line A tells to the person in front of him what he likes about his behavior starting with the sentence “I like that,..” Next he says what he would like to see happen...

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Puzzle Exercises – Thinking outside the box

This is one of our puzzle exercises in which the team will solve a riddle by thinking outside the box. To get the solution you’ll have to think out of the box. Tell the team a man stands alone in a room with the door closed. In the room are...

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Improvisation Exercises – Calling Names

This is one of our improvisation exercises in which the team will play a name game. This exercise is good to do as a warm up and also to learn each others names. One person says his name and the rest of the group repeats the name. Then the second...

Check Team Exercise:

Negotiation Skills – The Bluff Game

During this negotiationg skills exercise the team will improve their Negotiation Skills by playing a bluff game. The team will learn how anticipating on the other persons choice can make him win a negotiation. They also learn how they can influence their opponent choise. Each person can write down Split,...

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Personality Types – The Four Elements

During this exercise the team will learn about the personality types using the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire. You divide the room into 4 equal areas and name the areas after the element:. earth, wind, water and fire. Each person will stand into the area of which the...

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Mind Cracking Riddles – The Riddle

This is one of our Mind Cracking Riddles you can do with a group. They have to agree unanimously with the outcome. The trainer tells them the riddle and will observe the process of how they solve the riddle. Who is the leader? Who follows? And how did the team...