How to Memorize Fast and Easy 100.000 Words

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Herman Otten
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Learn how to memorize fast and easy 100.000 words with hardly any effort! 🧠💡
If you want to learn how to memorize words fast and easy, the best memorization technique is to visualize the things you would like to memorize. In this video you will learn how to create a mind palace in which you can put all the words you want to memorize. In this way it will be fun to memorize things and you will use your memory in the most efficient way. At the end of this video you will find a team building game in which you will do the final memory test to see how well each person can execute the memory technique explained in this video. The one that memorizes the most words without making a mistake wins the memory game.
Learning how to memorize a large number of words quickly and easily, such as 100,000 words, can be a beneficial skill for teams in certain contexts. Here are some reasons why this skill can be advantageous:

Enhanced Memory Skills: These games challenge team members to improve their memory capacity and retention techniques. A better memory can benefit tasks like recalling important information, project details, or client preferences.

Cognitive Agility: Memorization exercises stimulate cognitive functions, including concentration, attention to detail, and information processing speed. These cognitive skills are valuable for various tasks, from problem-solving to decision-making.

Motivation for Learning: Learning how to memorize words quickly can make the learning process more enjoyable. Team members may become more motivated to acquire new skills and knowledge relevant to their roles.

Time Management: Fast memorization requires efficient time management and study strategies. Teams can apply these principles to better manage their work tasks and meet deadlines effectively.

Language Proficiency: In multilingual teams or teams that deal with clients and partners from diverse linguistic backgrounds, improved language skills can enhance communication and collaboration.

Now you know how to memorize fast and easy 100.000 words, let’s give these variations a try:

Variation 1:
Next to putting the words into visuals and movements, you can also add sounds to a visual image. For example when you have to memorize the word ‘desk chair’, next to putting the image of a desk chair in the room moving back and forth, you can also add a cracking sound of the moving chair. Now you gave the word an image, movement and sound which will make it even easier to remember.

Variation 2:
Tip on how to practice: If you are memorizing words using this technique, for example 100 words, you will be using 10 rooms in 1 house (house number 0).
If you practice memorizing them, work on one room at a time. First put word 1 to 10 in room number 0, and go over them back and forth until you memorize all the images and words. Then go to room number 1 to memorize word 11 to 20 and do the same: practice in room 1 just as long until you memorize all the images and words. Then go to room number 2 and so forth. So one room at a time. If you think you memorized each room you can go back to room 0 to go from word 1 to 100 in a row to see if you memorized them all.

Created by:
Herman Otten
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