– How do I add a team exercises?

First Login, than click ‘add exercise’ in the menu. Upload a nice image that represents the exercise and hit Submit. We will check the exercise, remove typos and publish it when it’s okay 🙂

– How do I know if my exercise has been approved?

When you are logged in and you click ‘my exercise’ in the menu you will see all your added exercise and the status of the exercise next to it.

– How long does it take until my exercise has been approaved?

Usually within 24 hours.

– How do I benefit from sharing my exercises?

Sharing your exercises first of all gives you good karma points! Herman started by sharing his exercises which you all can benefit from and now it’s your turn. But ok, how can you really benefit.. when you ad an exercise the page of the exercise also shows who created it. When people click on your profile link they see who you are and can click on your linked in page and get in contact. This is a great way to network, start cooperations and maybe even get jobs to give your exercises at companies!
And your exercise will be rated and commented on by other team members. People will give variations on the exercise and advice how to make it even better. This way you learn and develop the exercises you do.

– What if I upload an exercise that is already on the platform?

Now worries, every exercise has its own variations and is explained in its own way. When it is exact the same exercise as we already have, we maybe ask you to make a variation on it. And of course, don’t copy the unique text of other exercises.

– Why should I upload my certificates and diploma?

When people visit your profile its always interesting to see in what way you are educated, people can relate to it and feel more motivated to get in touch with you through linked in. But if you don’t want to upload you diploma of certificated because of for example privacy reasons, no worries. It is not obliged.

– I don’t have Linked in. How can people get in touch with me?

Next to linked in you can also fill in your email address and phone number. Linked in is only a way to be more private but still have a chance to be found.

– Why can’t I put my website link in my profile?

Because Google doesn’t like it when a website links out to low rated websites we can’t take the risk of linking out to other websites. That’s why we choose to give you the opportunity to link to your linked in page. Linked in is a high quality website.

– Can I edit my profile after I submitted it?

Yes. You can edit your profile any time you want.

– Can I edit my team exercise after I submitted it?

Yes, you can edit your team exercise any time you want. But after editing it it will be under review again.

– Didn’t find your anwser?

Ask your question through our chat function in the down right corner of the website.