Group bonding activities – The Numbers Game

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our group bonding activities in which the team stands in a circle and counts together till 100.
You give the team the instruction to replace a certain number by a gesture or a sound. In above video the number 7 or a multiple of the number 7 has been replaced, by the person who has the turn at number seven, by a clap.

When the team knows how to do it a next number or a multiple of that number, will be replaced by a new gesture or sound.
When multiple gestures belong to the same number, the person that has the turn does all the gestures that belong to the number.
During this exercise the team learns how to concentrate together and because everyone has to stay focussed they learn how important it is that everyone is important to keep the engine of the team running.

During the Group bonding activities exercise you can apply variations to this numbers game.

  1. Next to replacing a number and the multiple of the number. You can also instruct team that the replacement also will be carried out for a number in which the number appears. When the number 7 or a multiple of the number 7 will be replaced, also the numbers 17, 27, 37, 70 etc will be replaced.
  2. When someone in the team makes a mistake the team has to start over. This way you turn the exercise in an exciting game. Remember the record and encourage the team to break there own record!
  3. To make the game even harder, you can replace a number, multiple of that numer, and number in which the replaced number occurs, by the same gesture as a previous number you replaced. So for example: 7, multiple of 7 and number in which 7 occurs will be replaced by a scream. Also 8, multiple of 8 and number in which 8 occurs, will be replaced by a scream.

Do you know a good Group bonding activities variation to this exercise? Type it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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