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Created by:
Herman Otten
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Contact is on of our warm up games wherein the team can honestly communicate what they think off each other or share what mood they have currently.

In ‘touch’ you can build up the exercise according to your own preference. You can start easily just by letting the team make eye contact and escalate the exercise to hugging if you feel that’s possible. This of course depends on how well the team knows each other and what kind of participants you are involved with.

You can apply variations to this Warm Up Games exercise

  1. You can make this exercise as simple as you think is necessary. If the training day has just started you can just do the starting part of the exercise. For example: shake hands with people you would like to get to know based on their first impression, or high five someone of who you think could use one. Like this you can easily break the ice at the start of a day.
  2. As is explained in the video you can let the participants start a dialogue after hugging. This can of course also be done after high fiving or hand shaking. If the participants shake hands of someone they’d like to get to know better it is only natural to let them share with each other why they think they are interesting.
  3. If the participants happen to be uncomfortable with the exercise you can tell them that instead of hugging they are always free to just give a handshake instead. If they happen to be more comfortable later in the day you can always ask them again if they want to give a hug.

Do you know a good variation to this Warm Up Games exercise? Type it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
Get in touch!

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