Good team building games – Moving in the Group

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Herman Otten
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Moving in the group is one of our good team building games to improve group teamwork.

You can slowly build up the exercise and start with just one person in the team continuously having to walk (and have his walking taking over when another participant stands still). Starting easy will make the team warm up to the exercise at an appropriate pace. Eventually you can make moving in the group as difficult as you think the team can handle. In the video they end up with 2 walking 1 jogging and 1 skipping. With bigger team you can easily add more instructions or have more people continuously having to move.

You can also apply variations to the Good team building games exercise, a few examples are listed below.

  1. In the video three different type of movement were used. This doesn’t mean that more movement can be added to the exercise! Someone may for example have to walk backwards or take really big steps. Do whatever is appropriate at the team and works specifically for the team.
  2. Instead of the trainer giving the clap signal the participants can also give the clap signals themselves when they stand still from a prior movement (be that walking, jogging or skipping). This helps the team to stay alert if the exercise happens to be too difficult.
  3. If the team hasn’t got the synergy to smoothly execute the exercise yet the trainer can lead the exercise. When person A stops walking and the team doesn’t seem to notice, the trainer will mention this to the group and instruct someone else to start walking. The trainer can keep commentating to help the team with the exercise. Once they start to get the hang of it more and more the trainer may retreat from this helping position and the team can perform the exercise themselves.

Do you know a good variation to this Good team building games exercise? Type it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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