Games for Teambuilding – Selling each other

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our games for teambuilding in which the goal is for the participants is to pitch someone else from the group.

The group members form pairs and acquaint themselves with each other. After having mingled for a while the team members will sell each other as if they were in a commercial. As for the second part of the exercise the team members will sell themselves with the same pitch as someone else just previously sold them.

In this Games for Teambuilding exercise multiple variations can be applied.

  1. Instead of selling each other the participants can also present improvements about each other. During the question round the participants may ask the one in front of the group questions about what he would like to improve about himself. Make sure the presentations remain positive. Just one or two points of improvement can give a presentation already a lot of depth. When at the end the participants present themselves they will also copy their points of improvement.
  2. You can turn the exercise into a competition. Every time when someone has sold someone the audience may applaud. The presentation with the loudest applause has won the competition. The one with the softest applause does not have to feel rejected because it’s someone else that did the presentation for him.
  3. This exercise can also be done with new ideas or concepts for the team. When someone has an idea it can be risky to present it extremely positively by yourself. When someone else presents your idea to the group you (and the idea) become way less vulnerable. After the first presentation the original creator of the idea can present it by himself without sounding cocky about his own idea.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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