Energizers – ZIP ZAP BOING

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This is one of our energizers where the team will pass a ZIP, ZAP or a BOING. Because everyone in the team has to remain focused at all times during the exercise and keep an eye on each other they will form a natural cooperation.

The game element in this exercise makes that the participants will put effort in not losing their points during the exercise.

You can apply multiple variations to this Energizers exercise:

  1. Encourage the team to play the exercise at a fast pace. This will basically force everyone to be very concentrated. With a higher tempo the team’s cooperation will be really put to test compared to when the tempo is quite slow.
  2. When the team is a little too good at Zip Zap Boing you can give new names to pass on the turn. Instead of Zip Zap Boing, Bif, Baf, Bof could be used. This way the participants have to really shift their concentration and keep paying attention.
  3. Let the participants switch from place in the circle so they won’t get used to their place in the group. This also helps to make the exercise more challenging.

When you know some good Energizers variations to this exercise, please comment below this video!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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