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Herman Otten
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During this group building exercise each person from the team will choose a category and a team exercise belonging to that category on, of which he thinks the team will benefit from.

Each person tells the others why he choses a certain category and exercise, and then he will lead the exercise.

During the Group Building Exercise you can apply variations:

  1. Instead of one exercise you can also let the participants pick two or three exercises. Do this if it is a small group and the training lasts a full day.
  2. You can let the team also choose a few exercises together. For example everyone picks his favorite three exercises. You let each person calls out his three favorite exercises. Next, he calls them out again and the other participants raise their hands when they hear the exercise they want to do. The exercise with the most votes gets to be performed.And Of course each participant gets the turn to say his three exercises and perform the chosen one.
  3. The person which chose the exercise can also participate in the exercise himself and let the trainer lead the exercise. Of course tell each person to tell his choice to you prior to the training, so you can memorise the exercise.He can also choose to lead the exercise himself and participate in it at the same time.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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