Group bonding exercises – Negative to Positive

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our group bonding exercises in which the team will reframe a negative experienced interaction into a positive one.

You point to a person (person A) who points to someone (person B) from the circle with whom he experienced a negative interaction. Together they seperate from the group. He tells person B about the negative interaction he experienced and how that made him feel. Person B responds by saying how he experienced the situation. Next person A tells how he would like to have seen the situation. After he has told this alternative situation he a comes up with a positive thing regarding the situation and/or something positive about what he just heard from person B. This way the situation is turned from something negative into something positive.

During Group bonding exercises you can apply variations:

  1. After everyone has shared their negative experience and turned it into something positive the group can evaluate the exercise. Ask the group the following questions:
    Did it was a relief telling open about the negative situation?
    Did it help turning it into something positive?
    And was it harder to tell what you experienced to the other person or to hear it from someone else? And why do you think that was?
  2. If someone can’t come up with a negative situation, so he can’t point to someone, you can tell him he can point to someone with whom he thinks the chemistry can be better. When they do the exercise this person tells why he think the chemistry can be better, the other person says how he sees their chemistry and together they come up with a suggestion of how to improve their chemistry.
  3. If the team agrees, you can let the whole exercise take place in the circle.You point to someone who points to someone with whom he experienced a negative interaction. They do the above exercise in front of the other people. Next the next person from the circle does the same. This way everyone can see and learn from each other.

Do you know a good Group bonding exercises variation? Type him below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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