Assertiveness Training Exercise – Distance

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Herman Otten
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During this assertiveness training exercise the team will stand in two lines facing each other. Because they walk towards each other and stop if the other person says so, they learn how to feel what is their personal space and how to communicate that towards the other person.

They learn how to do this by saying it oud loud, but also in silence by body language. In the second part of the exercise everyone walks side by side with his partners towards the room while remaining the distance. Everyone will switch partners every few minutes. Everyone will notice that there can be a difference in the distance you want to maintain with certain persons.

You can apply variations to the Assertiveness Training exercise.

  1. When, in the first part of the exercise, the participants have walked toward each other and determined a distance you can tell them to do it again, but now with their eyes closed. Now they feel in with their eyes closed what the right distance is. Of course they keep their hands a bit in front if them so they won’t bump into each other.
  2. Now you can let the participants walk towards each other, but now they look each other right into each others eyes. Next they walk toward each other when they don’t look into each others eyes. Is there a difference between the two time? And which time the distance between the participants is bigger?
  3. You can do this exercise at the beginning and at the end of the day. If during the day people bonded with each other, it can be that some people literally will walk towards each other and experience a smaller distance.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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