Team Building Activity – The Catching Game

Created by:
Herman Otten
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In this team building activity one person is being the catcher. He stands in the center of the room and will be blindfolded. All the other persons will stand on one side of the room and will try to make it to the other side without being caught.

When the blindfolded catcher caught someone, this person stands still. When all the persons that hasn’t being caught made it to the other side of the room the persons that has being caught will become catchers as well. They choose a strategic place in the room, sit on his knees, or hands and knees, and try to catch the remaining persons that are trying to make it to the other side. This proces will be continued untill only one person made it to the other side and is the winner.

The trainer can apply variations to the Team Building Activity:

  1. You can let the winner continue to go from side to side without being caught. Just as long as he is being caught by one of the catchers.
  2. Sometimes the blindfolded catchers can be disorientated and walk on their hands and knees towards a wall. To prevent this from happening, you can place some participants at each side of the room to prevent this.
  3. You can turn on a song on all the walkers iPhone. This way the catchers can hear where everyone is and it will become more difficult for the walkers to make it to the other side.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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