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Herman Otten
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The team building game “Form a group with…” works best with bigger groups with at least ten participants. The trainer names a topic and the team will form groups.

For example: form groups based on what style of humour you like. Now it’s the goal to form groups as quickly as possible. First participants might have to think about what their style of humor is. Then they have to communicate with with their fellow team members and lastly they have to categorize themselves into a group. In the first part of the exercise this can be done verbally. In the second part of the exercise participants have to form groups in silence. If they mis-categorize themselves at first hand they may switch to the correct group.

You can apply variations to this Team Building Game exercise:

  1. After the team has formed groups on more serious topics such as “styles of communicating” you can engage into a dialogue. If some people happen to categorize themselves in “quiet and indirect communication” the team can discuss what they could do to communicate with them more efficiently.
  2. This exercise can also be done very fast as a warm up. The trainer calls out one theme and in about ten seconds the team will form groups. A few seconds later the trainer calls another theme and the team has to regroup themselves again. The more practice the team gets, the faster they will be able to form groups.
  3. After groups have been formed in silence and the groups have decided what, for example, their taste of music is, you can let the groups guess what the other groups stand for, befor before they share it. This adds a fun game element to the exercise to keep it light hearted.

Do you have good variations to this Team Building Game exercise? Please share it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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