Team Exercises for small groups – Stop Start Continue

Created by:
Herman Otten
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Stop start continue is on of our team exercises for small groups in which conflicts within the team will be discussed in a different way.

In the exercise the team will discover what kind of behaviour they would like to stop, start and continue. After this first step, the team will discover how they would like to to stop, to start and continue this behaviour. This by giving solutions to stop, start and continue this behaviour. The exercise can be done with small groups and with big groups.

You can also apply variations to give more depth to the Team Exercises for small groups!

  1. The first variation the trainer can apply is guessing who wrote the cards. When all the cards are collected the trainer reads them out loud. After every card the group tries to guess who wrote the card. This way it won’t only be the most common problems that are heard. The fact that only one participant might be bothered by something does not make it any less important!
  2. Instead of using stop, start, and continue, other words or phrases can be used instead. For example: “I’d like to see more of…” or “I’d like to change…” We recommend you as the trainer to experiment with these words and phrases and find which one applies best to your current situation. With different phrasing the exercise will work differently and different things in the team will come up as a result.
  3. Next to collecting all the pieces of paper and pick out the most common problem in the team, everyone in the team can read his own paper out loud to the group. This way not only the common problems will come to light, but also problems that the majority didn’t think about. These problems that only one participant might have written down can be very valuable. For example: if all participants agree they like to laugh with each other so much and there is one participant that would rather talk serious together sometimes, then it could be very valuable to work with this input.

Do you know a good Team Exercises for small groups variation? Type it below as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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