Teaching Ideas – The Wishing Well

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This is one of our playful teaching ideas in which the team will form a circle and pretend they are standing around a wishing well. Everyone calls out what they wish to change regarding the team into the well.

The persons who agree with the wish are repeating the wish like an echo coming out of the well. This way the wisher gets to know how loud the echo is and on which level other people wish the same. The wish with the loudest echo will be written down on the whiteboard and everyone thinks of a way how to let the wish come true. Now everybody calls out his idea into the well and the persons who think its a good idea are repeating the echo. The idea that had the loudest echo will be written below the wish. The team now know what to do and what idea will be carried out to let the wish come true.

You can apply variations to the Teaching Ideas exercise.

  1. Next to call out a wish of what you want to change in the group, the participants can also say what they wish would happen regarding to a specific question the group struggles with. For example: I wish we all have our day of on Monday instead of Friday. The people that agree with the idea repeat the thesis like an echo. The wish with the loudest echo wins and will be carried out.
  2. If it’s not totaly clear which wish has the loudest echo ask the persons that repeat the echo also to raise their hands. This way it’s clear how many people are repeating the wish.
  3. You can do this exercise also at the beginning of the day and ask what everyone wants to achieve during the day. The persons who want to achieve the same are repeating the wish. This way you know what the team think it’s important during the day. Also you can do this exercise at the and of the day. Everyone calls out what he has learned during the day. Persons who think they learned the same are repeating the idea.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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