Teaching Lessons – Yes, Maybe, No

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our teaching lessons in which the team will come up with ideas to improve a relevant theme.

For each Teaching Lessons idea the team will find out together who agrees with the idea, who disgagrees and who is doubting about the idea. This by standing in a yes, no or maybe section. Because everyone will stand in different sections it will be visualy clear what everyone thinks of a certain idea. Because the participants standing in the maybe section may be convinced by the participants in the yes and no section a playfull atmosphere occurs.

You can apply different variations to the Teaching Lessons exercise.

  1. In the version you just saw in the video the idea where the most persons stand in the yes section will be carried out.
    When eventually there are more ideas with the same number of people standing in the yes section, in the same way there will be voted which idea will win.
    You ask: “Who wants that idea nr 1 will be carried out?”
    Again some persons are going to stand in the yes, maybe and no section.
    And the persons in the maybe section can be convinced by the persons standing in the yes and no section. You do the same thing with the other ideas who had the same number in the first round. The idea with the most points finally wins.
  2. Next to doing the exercise with themes relevant to the team cooperation, you can use this exercise also to make descissions regarding other sort of themes. For example:Who wants to go bowling on the team building day and who wants to go out for diner? The persons doubting the idea and are staying in the maybe section will be convinced by persons in the yes and no section until everyone is standing in the yes or no section.
  3. When after convincing the maybe section eventually there are the same number of people in the yes section as in the no section you can tell the team there must be a difference. Now the yes and no section may convince each other until one person walks over from one side to the other. Of course the idea will be written on the whiteboard when there is a majority of people standing in the yes section.

Do you know a good variation to the Teaching Lessons exercise? Type him below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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