Communication Basics – Transferring

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Herman Otten
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During the exercise the team will experience the communication basics. There will be a sender and receiver and there will be noise because all persons will be talking on the same moment.

The team will experience how both sender and receiver experience that noise. Because everyone will stand further away from each other during the exercise the noise will become more and the communication will be harder to maintain. This way the participants will be using non verbal communication.

You can apply variations to the Communication Basics exercise:

  1. You can say to the team they can speak as loud as the like.
    They will find out that talking louder doesn’t have a positive influence on the communication because then everyone talks louder the noise will become also more and no one can hear each other.
    They will discover that other ways of communication will work better.
  2. When the team becomes very good at the exercise you can challenge the team to say whole sentences to each other. This way the exercise becomes harder and more challenging.
  3. When there is a duo that find it very difficult to communicate when they can’t hear each other, you can help them by saying they can excessive articulate, personate the word, of make letters with their hands.

Do you know a good variation to the Communication Basics exercise? Type it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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