Teamwork Games – A Million Dollars

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This is one of our teamwork games in which the team will say what he would do if he won a million dollar.

Next the team gets to divide the million dollars. They all have to agree unanimously how to divide the money. Encourage them to be efficient in the decision process. They learn how to make descisions in an effective way.

During the Teamwork Games exercise you can apply variations:

  1. When they successfully have divided the million dollars you can let them discuss things they have to agree on in real life. Because they are already in the ‘unanimously decision mode’, the real discussions will be smoother than ever before!
  2. When they can’t come to a unanimous decision you can give them a time frame and a warning. For example: if you don’t come to a unanimous decision within 10 minutes the money will be burned 🙂
  3. Tell them that if they failed in coming to a unanimous decision, there are more out of the box options. For example, they can all agree unanimously that there will be voted for a solution. Or a coin will be flipped. Just as long everyone agrees unanimously to the solution it’s fine. Of course don’t mention this at the beginning of the exercise, but only when they don’t succeed.

Do you have a good Teamwork Games variation? Please type it below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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