Debating Exercises – For or Against

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our debating exercises in which everyone gives a presentation in front of the rest of the group about something he is either for or against.

After his presentation the listeners ask critical questions coming from an opposite opinion.
After everyone asked a question and the speaker has anwsered all of them he now speaks about the same topic only this time based on a different opinion. This way the participants learns that you can up with arguments according to different views about a certain topic.
It’s also a good exericise to practise debatting.

You can apply variations to the Debating Exercises.

  1. To make sure all the listeners will pay close attention you can tell them that at the end of the exercise you will choose someone who will give the same presentation as one of the other participants just had given as precicially as possible. At the end you will point to someone and tell him which presentation he has to copy. For example: Bob, you can give the presentation Jack just gave.
  2. You can make cards before the exercise starts with strange topics written on them.For example: feeding food to partots. The one that gives the presentation will draw a card beforehand and gives a presentation on the spot why he is either for or against feeding parrots.
  3. You can also tell the first person that gave a presentation to choose the next peron that will give his presentation. Also her can come up with the topic this next person will give.This person also does the same thing after he gave his presentation.

Do you know a good Debating Exercises variation? Type him below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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