Exciting Team Meeting Ideas – The Assassin

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our exciting team meeting ideas in which the team will assassinate each other. Each team member gets a card with the name of a team member on it. He needs to assassinate that person by tapping his shoulder. The murdered person is out of the game and gives his card(s) to his assassin who has now a new target. (The name on the card the one he just murdered gave him). Go on just as long until only one person is alive and has got all the cards. This is the winner.

During the  exciting team meeting ideas exercise you can apply variations:

  1. If after the day there are more than one person alive, they are all winners.
  2. Make sure the players won’t tell to each other if they are already assassinated or not. This way no one knows who is still in the game. This makes it more exciting.
  3. When you have a big group you can let the game last for a week. This way everyone can take their time to get their target. You can also give no time slot at all and let the game last just as long until there is one winner.
  4. Change touching the shoulder to something else. For example, shoot with a children gun with a soft arrow at you target. Or when it’s summer they can use a water pistol.
  5. If someone tried to assassinate his target but there is a witness, the assassin is dead and the victim gets his cards. This means he now has a a card with his own name on it.The one that spotted the assassination takes that card and give it to a random other person by asking the trainer who are still in the game.If there is no one left anymore, the witness keeps the card himself and has the ‘just witnessed victim’ as a new target. Even when he was already out of the game.So this is a very small chance for murdered people to get back in the game again.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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