Trust Exercise – Blind Guiding

Created by:
Herman Otten
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In this trust exercise the team will lead each other by blind guiding through the room whilst one of them is blindfolded.

This exercise will learn the team how to trust one another. It’s a top priority that this exercise is practiced in calmness and that other than spoken instructions there will be no talking.
The team also switches pairs so that everyone can experience how it feels to be guided by someone else.

You can vary with this Trust exercise:

  1. You can turn this exercise into a competition. Every time someone guesses his position in the room correctly he earns a point. The one with the most points after the final round is the winner.
  2. You can switch up the people guiding the blindfolded in the middle of the exercise when you clap your hands. You can make them form new pairs while blindfolded until everyone has guided each other. Especially in the round were spoken instructions are not allowed it’s extra interesting because the blindfolded won’t have any idea who is guiding them.
  3. To disorientate the blindfolded you can spin them around at the start of the exercise before they start walking through the room. This way they will make a guess purely based on how they have been guided through the room.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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