Active Listening Exercises – Simon Says

Created by:
Herman Otten
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During this on of our active listening exercises the team stands in a straight line. The trainer stands in front of the group and gives the team instructions of what to do. For example: clap your hands.

The team follows up the instruction and claps his hands. When the trainer says: raise your hand, the participants will raise their hands.

Next the participants only raise their hands when the trainer says ‘Simon says’ before the command. When someone acts out the instruction when the trainer didn’t say ‘Simon says’ he is done and goes out of the line.

When someone don’t act out the instruction, but the trainer did say ‘Simon says’ before the instruction, the participant is also done and goes out of the line. Just as long one person remains and is the winner.

During the Active Listening Exercises you can apply variations to the exercise:

  1. After you gave the instructions and their is a winner, you can now let the winner be the instructor and play the game again.
  2. You can add another rule. For example: when you say ‘Carla says’ before the instruction, they have to act out the instruction two times.
  3. You can also give everyone 3 points, when someone makes a mistake he loses a point. After all three points are lost he goes out of the line. This way a round last longer.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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