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Herman Otten
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This is one of our classroom games in which all the participants look at the one in front of them and remember as much physical characteristics as possible.

Next all participants will turn around and change three things about themselves, visible to the other person. Both persons turn around and guess what has been changed about the other person. Its a good exercise to do at the beginning of a team day which is about change. And ofcourse it’s just a fun warm up exercise.

The trainer can apply variations to the Classroom Games exercise.

  1. The winner of the game can stamd on his own in front of all the other participants which are standing in a straight line.
    The winner observes all the other participants as precisely as possible. The winner turn around and all the other participants all change one thing about themselves. The winner turn back again and tries to name what each participant has changed about himself.
  2. In the video, after the participants change partners, they change the same three things about themselves. In this variation each participant had to come up with three new things for each new partner. This way the creativity will be stimulated.
  3. Do this variation in the middle of the exercise when everyone has done the exercise with a few difference partners in front of him. When everyone turned around to change three things about himself, in silence the trainer can instruct the participant from one line to change places.This way the persons in the other libe see a whole differnt person when they back turn around. You would expect they imediately will notice, but you will be surprised how many persons will not notice they are looking at a whole different person.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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