Fun Warm Up Games – Pulling Faces

Created by:
Herman Otten
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Fun warm up games are great for teams to get energized and into the flow! In this game, everyone will pull a silly face behind someone else’s back without that person seeing it. At the same time each person will try to catch someone making a silly face behind his back.

Fun warm-up games are valuable tools for teams for several reasons:

Boosting Morale: Engaging in enjoyable activities can lift team spirits and improve overall morale. When team members have a positive start to their day with a fun warm-up game, they are more likely to approach tasks with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

Enhancing Creativity: Many warm-up games involve creative thinking, problem-solving, and imaginative activities. These stimulate the brain and encourage participants to think outside the box. This heightened creativity can positively influence brainstorming sessions and the generation of innovative ideas.

Increasing Energy Levels: Physical warm-up games, like quick stretches or light exercises, can boost blood flow, increase heart rate, and improve alertness. This physical activity can lead to higher energy levels and increased engagement during subsequent team activities.

Breaking Routine: Repetitive work routines can lead to monotony and decreased motivation. Fun warm-up games inject variety and spontaneity into the team’s daily routine, making work more enjoyable and refreshing.

Fostering Inclusivity: Warm-up games that are designed to be inclusive and non-competitive create a sense of belonging among team members. Everyone can participate and contribute, regardless of their skill level or background.

Cognitive Priming: Engaging in a quick, enjoyable activity before diving into work tasks can help to mentally prepare team members for the challenges ahead. It primes their cognitive faculties and sets a positive tone for the day.

Do you like this exercise? Let’s give these variations a try:

1. It can take a long time before there is one winner. Instead you can let them play until there are three people left These people are the three winners.

2. Tell them they can use their whole body behind someone’s back. The more ridiculous it looks, the bigger the chance of being caught, but also the more hilarious for the people sitting on the side to watch.

Created by:
Herman Otten
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