Fun group games – Counting Down

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This is one of our fun group games in which the team will count down in silence in their head.

In the first part of the exercise every participant takes a step forward when he thinks 10 seconds passed by. Next the team will be obliged to step forward exactly on the same moment. You will see that now they will be very close or are exactly right. Check every time how close they are to the actual time.

You can apply variations to the Fun group games exercise.

  1. Next to letting the team take a step forward you can also instruct the team to walk across the room and each person stands still when he senses he has reached the number zero.
    First each individual person stands still when he reached the number zeto in his head, than in the second round they all have to stand still together at once.
  2. You can also practice the exercise the other way around. The team stands in line and on a moment they feel is right they all take step forward at the same time. After they took the step you ask the every single person how long he thinks it took before they took a step forward. Because you tracked time with the stopwatch you know who guessed most nearby the real time. This person is the winner.
  3. When the the team has a hard time doing the exercise you can also let the team first count down from twenty to zero out loud. This way is becomes clear to everyone how long a second lasts.Next they will do it in silence which will be way more easy now they have done it once out loud.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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