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E. hermanotten82@icloud.com, T. +31630331728

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Herman graduated at the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After he worked a lot as an actor for film, television, theatre and radio he is specialised in teaching his public speaking class. He helped hundreds of people to get rid of their public speaking anxiety and motivated over a thousand people to improve their public speaking skills.
His head office is bases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every week he gives his public speaking training group course for individuals. He works as a permanent public speaking in-company trainer and coach for the Dutch Marines, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and many more companies. Since 2017 he gives his group training for individuals in New York City at the Magnet Theater Center.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quick and effective to get rid of their speaking anxiety and he does this for many years with great success.

All team exercises from Herman Otten

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Teamwork Games – A Million Dollars

This is one of our teamwork games in which the team will say what he would do if he won a million dollar. Next the team gets to divide the million dollars. They all have to agree unanimously how to divide the money. Encourage them to be efficient in the...

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Acting Lessons – Today is my birthday

This is one of our acting lessons in which the team will experience how to act with different emotions. In the second round they act that they don’t want to show an emotion. But it is important that the rest of the group sees which emotion they are hiding. It...

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Group exercises – Values

This is one of our group exercises in which the team sits in a circle. You ask the team which value, when it comes to group work, they think is the most important to them. Everyone gives his answer and you writes down each answer on a note card. After...

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Personality Games – Animals

There are a lot of personality games for individuals, but this personality game can you do with your friends or colleagues! During the exercise the team sits in a circle. The trainer points to someone who will tell which animal he thinks he would be if he were an animal....

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Team Building Activity – The Catching Game

In this team building activity one person is being the catcher. He stands in the center of the room and will be blindfolded. All the other persons will stand on one side of the room and will try to make it to the other side without being caught. When the...

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Team Bonding Activities – The Puzzle

This is one of our team bonding activities in which the team will make a replica of a picture or image. You cut the image into pieces equal to the number of participants and give each participant a piece. Also each person will get a big blank paper on which...

Check Team Exercise:

How to give feedback – Instructive Feedback

During the exercise the persons from the team learn how to give feedback in an instructive way. First someone says what he thinks is positive about the other person. Than he says which he can improve upon. And lastly what he want the other person to do right now to...

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Ice Breaking Games – If you really knew me

This is one of our ice breaking games in which the team sits in a circle and tells each other stories about their lives of which they think the other persons don’t know it yet. They start their stories with: if you really knew me you would know that. After...

Check Team Exercise:

Group bonding exercises – Negative to Positive

This is one of our group bonding exercises in which the team will reframe a negative experienced interaction into a positive one. You point to a person (person A) who points to someone (person B) from the circle with whom he experienced a negative interaction. Together they seperate from the...

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Group bonding games – Who are you?

This is one of our group bonding games in which each participant will guess which famous person is written on the sticker attached to his forehead. He tries to find out by asking the rest of the team questions which can be answered with Yes or No. When the answer...

Check Team Exercise:

How to stop using filler words

During the exercise the participants learn in a playful manner how to stop using filler words and using ‘uuh’ in a sentence. The team forms groups of three and decides who will be person A, B and C. Person A tells person B what he would like to change within...