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Herman Otten
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There are a lot of personality games for individuals, but this personality game can you do with your friends or colleagues! During the exercise the team sits in a circle. The trainer points to someone who will tell which animal he thinks he would be if he were an animal. And he explains why he chose that animal.

When everyone has told the group his answer the next round starts. In this round you point to someone about whom the other persons will tell which animal they think he would be and why they choose that particular animal. When everyone had told the participant which animal they think he is everyone does the same for the next participant. Just as long untill everyone has told each person which animal they think he would be.

During the Personality Games exercise you can apply variations:

  1. You can do the exact same exercise with other topics like: which color would you be, which song would you be etc.
  2. You can also play the second round first. After everyone has told someone which animal they think he is, this person can say with which animal he agrees most. And with which animal he agrees less.
  3. During the second round all the persons can also don’t say their choise out loud and write their choise down on a paper and put it inside a hat. The person who they choose the animal for, takes each paper out of the hat and guesses which person has written down the animal and the reason. Each time he guesses correctely he earns a point. At the end the person who has the most correct guesses and therefore the most points wins the game.

Do you know a good Personality Games variation? Please write it down below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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