How to give feedback – Instructive Feedback

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Herman Otten
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During the exercise the persons from the team learn how to give feedback in an instructive way.

First someone says what he thinks is positive about the other person. Than he says which he can improve upon. And lastly what he want the other person to do right now to improve upon that topic. This way the other person knows literally what to do with the feedback.

During the How to give feedback exercise the trainer can apply variations:

  1. Next to a specific instruction which someone can do right now, you can also let the one that gave the feedback give an instruction which the other person can do within the next days, weeks of years. This way it is a long lasting instruction.
  2. When a person can’t come up with a good specific instruction that fits to the feedback, the trainer can come up with an instruction, so the person who just received the feedback still knows what to do.
  3. After the exercise you can evaluate the exercise. How did everyone experienced acting out the given instruction? How was it to come up with a given instruction?

Do you know a good How to give feedback variation? Please type it as a comment below this video!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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