Constructive Feedback Exercise – Like, Like, Like

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Herman Otten
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During this constructive feedback exercise the team forms two lines facing each other.
First each person from line A tells to the person in front of him what he likes about his behavior starting with the sentence
“I like that,..”

Next he says what he would like to see happen more from that person starting with the sentence:

I would like you to,..

And lastly the other person comes up with what will happen when he would do what the other person told him he want to see him do more. Starting with the sentence:

Than it would be like,..

During the Constructive Feedback Exercise the trainer can apply variations to the exercise:

  1. Next to telling to the other person what you like about his behavior, you can also tell the other person what you like about the team. Next you tell what you would like to happen in the team. And than the other person responds with: Than the team would be like,..
  2. After everyone from line A has faced everyone from line B you let the persons make duos with people from there own line as well, so at the end everyone has faced everyone from the team.
  3. You can also play this game in a circle while everyone watches each other.One person begins. He chooses someone from the circle with whom he wants to do the exercise. After they both have had the turn the person who had been chosen now chooses another person from the circle. Go on untill everyone has played the exercise.
    P.S. only do this variation when everyone feels safe.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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