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Herman Otten
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This is one of our group building activities in which the team will be split into two groups. Tell one group they are person A and they can close their eyes. Tell the other half of the group they are person B and they go stand in front of a person A and be quite so person A doesn’t know who is in front of him. All person A’s open their eyes and tells the first thing which comes to his mind while looking at person B.

The next step in Group building activities: all person B’s close their eyes and you say out loud that all the A persons move to a new person B. But you’ll instruct them with your hands to walk back to their original person B. So when person A sits across the same person B as in the first round, person B won’t expect that when opening his eyes.

Each person B now opens his eyes and tells the first thing which comes to his mind while looking at person A. Person B keeps on talking for at least ten seconds. Now you tell person A to tell person B exactly the same as person B just told him.
Person B will be amazed of how much of those things he will recognise and were actually about himself.
Now person B will say the things to person A which person A said to him in the first round.
Also person A will see how much of these things he said earlier to person B were also ment for himself.

During the Group building activities exercise you can apply variations to the exercise:

  1. In the part you tell the person A’s to find a new person B and then make them secretly go back to their original partner, you can also let them actually go to a different person B. This gives the exercise more variation, only at the part when telling your partner what he has just told you, you have to change partners again.
  2. Next to, ‘say what comes to your mind’, you can also make it more specific by telling them to tell the first thing they think the person in front of them has to work on.
  3. You can do the exercise standing or sitting, this doesn’t really matters. Whatever the group prefers.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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