Cooperative Games – Copy the Building

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This is one of our cooperative games to do with your students, team or colleagues.
During the exercise the team forms groups of three. They copy a Lego piece, which the trainer created, as accurate as possible.

One person will be the instructor and walks back and forth to the Lego creation and instructs the the builders how they have to rebuild the creation. The instructor doesn’t build himself and can only give spoken instructions.
When the instructor think the creation has been accurately copied he writes down the time that it took them to do so.
The trainer checks if the copies of the Lego piece are accurate. From the accurate pieces the one created in the shortest time wins the exercise.

During the Cooperative Games exercise you can apply variations:

  1. Next to measure the time it took to rebuild the Lego piece you can also count the amount of times the instructor walked back and forth to the Lego piece. The group of three of which the instructor walked back and forth the least amount of times with the most accurate copy wins the game.
  2. There can be a limit on the times the instructor can walk back and forth to the original Lego piece. The team which, after for example three times, has copied the piece the most accurate wins the game.
  3. Each group of three can make a Lego creation for the other groups to copy. Let them make the piece as difficult as possible to copy. The group which copied the piece accurately in the least times wins.
  4. You can spice up the exercise by giving the instruction to copy the Lego piece in a reversed way. Only do this when the team is already very good at the exercise.

Do you know a good Cooperative Games variation? Type him as a comment below this video!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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