Interview Exercise – Questioning

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Herman Otten
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During this interview exercise the participants ask each other open and closed questions to find out more about someone regarding a certain subject.

Because they only can ask one question, they are forced to think carely about their question. The participants will discover the difference between an open and a closed question. And also they will experience the difference between knowing why someone asks the question and not knowing why someone asks the question. Next to practise with asking questions, the team also gets to know each other better.

You can apply variations to the Interview exercise.

  1. Now the team can ask more than one questions. Let the participants find out how many questions the neef to find out how they see someone during a certain subject.
  2. During the part in which the person anwsering the questions doenst know what the subject is, the person keeps on asking question untill the other person quessed correctely what the subject is. The faster he quesses what the reason of asking was, the better.
  3. Let the participants switch partners after a subject, so everyone gets to know each other better.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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