Energizer – Eye Contact

Created by:
Herman Otten
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In this energizer the team makes eye contact with each other. Because the team will silently make eye contact they will communicate in a different matter than what they are used to. For some participants it might be difficult to directly make eye contact with someone else. The eye contact does not have to last longer than two seconds.

Because of the game element it’s important that the team creates good synergy to pass on the eye contact unnoticed.

The ‘nod’ is an important aspect because without it the group might get confused as to where the eye contact is or to whom it is given to. This also applies because people naturally look around during the exercise to see who has the eye contact. Without the nod confusion will arise quickly.

When the person in the middle spotted the eye contact he can let the group know in various ways. For example, he can point to the one that gave a nod most recently and say ‘yes’.

If it takes quite a long time for the person in the middle to catch the eye contact the trainer can help him by telling him to abruptly turn around to spot the eye contact more quickly.

During the Energizer exercise you can use a couple of methods to give more depth and variety:

  1. In the first phase of the exercise you can make the team walk criss cross through the room while passing on the eye contact. Only do this during the first phase and not when someone stands in the middle because it otherwise will be too difficult to spot the eye contact.
  2. To prevent people from randomly pointing at someone guessing they’ve seen the eye contact, give them a point every time they guess it wrong, so that they will carefully select someone instead of relying on luck.
  3. At the end of the exercise the trainer can stand in the middle of the circle and try to spot the eye contact. Now the team can work together as one.

Do you know variations for this Energizer exercise? Please share your ideas below in the comment section!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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