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Herman Otten
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This is one of our games for employees in which the team will play a game. They all form random duos and you ask them a personal question which they can answer with one word.

Person A writes down his answer and person B writes down what he thinks person A wrote down. Now person B writes down his answer and and person A writes down what he thinks person B wrote down. They check to see if they are correct. If they are both correct they both earn 2 points. If one person guessed correct they both earn 1 point. If no one is correct they earn no points.

During the games for employees exercise you can apply variations:

  1. Next to the questions in the video you can for example ask:
    What is your favorite cartoon character?
    What is your favorite movie?
    If you can be every celebirty you can be, which one would you be.
    Which animal you think is the most scary?
  2. When you are with a small group you can choose a duo to play the game in front of the audience, this way the others can watch and enjoy themselves about the answers.
  3. You can also put on person in front of the group.Ask him the questions and let the others write down what the think the person in front of the audience answered.The persons who guessed correct earn a point.Let everyone answer a question in front of the audience. The person who has the most correct guesses wins the game.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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