Language Game – The Dictionary Game

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Herman Otten
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During this language game the team uses their creativity by making up meanings to words they don’t know the real meaning of.

Next to developing creativity, the dictionary game is also a good exercise to use as a game to learn English, or another language in a playful way. The persons who are guessing the right meaning will get a point. Also persons who are good at making up a credible fantasy meaning will earn points when other people think it’s the correct meaning. Because of the game element it is also a great game to get to know each other better.

During the Language Game exercise the trainer can apply variations:

  1. You can also do the exercise in a reversed way. The game leader will choose a meaning of a word and each participant write down a made up word of which they think the other participants will think it the reakl meaning. And ofcourse the game leader writes down the actual word. It’s about the same exercise only the meaning is mostly a whole scentence instead of a whole word.
  2. When no one guesses the right meaning of the word the game leader gets, next to the number of participants in points, an additional point. This stimulates the game leader to choose a word of which the real meaning is unbelievable.
  3. When you do the exercise with a very big group you can divide the group into smaller groups of 5 persons. The final winners of each group will play against each other in a new round untill there will be one final winner!

Do you know a good Language Game variation? Type him below as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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