Cooperation Game – Find the Object

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Herman Otten
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This is a cooperation game that you can use as an exercise to improve cooperation.

During the exercise the team forms groups of three. One person gets blindfolded and is the searcher. Another person places an object somewhere in the room and is the instructor. He guides the searcher towards the object by whispering instructions into the ear of the third person; the messenger, who then calls the instruction out loud to the searcher. With the least amount of instructions the searcher tries to find the object. Because at some point noise can occur in the communication the trio had to cooperate as effectively as possible, so the searcher will find the object as quick as possible.

You can apply variations to the Cooperation Game exercise:

  1. You can turn the exercise in a competition. Every trio counts for each person the number of instructions they used to find the object. The total of those three scores is there score. The trio with the lowest score wins the game.
  2. You can also do the exercise with groups of four or five. In this case there are multiple messengers whispering into each others ears. The instructor whispers his instruction into the first messenger’s ear. This messenger whispers the instruction in the second messengers ear, this until the last messenger calls the instruction out loud to the searcher.
  3. You, as the trainer, can also place one object in the room. Now the searchers of all the trios are going to find the same object. This in the same manner as in the video. The trio of which the searcher finds the object first wins the game.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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