Team building Challenges – Similarities and Differences

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our team building challenges in which the team gets to know each other in yet another way by getting to know each other’s differences and similarities.

The team forms two groups and one by one one participant calls out a characteristic of which he think the whole team can identify with. The exercise will become more interesting if the traits that the participants come up with are very unique or abnormal.

After finding similarities the groups do the same with finding differences. Participants name traits which they only think they have them. At the end of the exercise the guessing game will be played.

You can apply variations to this Team building Challenges exercise:

  1. Other than characteristics and personality traits you can also find out with the team what visions they have about the company or what they would like to improve. In addition to exchanging feedback this exercise can also be done using light hearted subjects like music taste. Do people listen to similar music or the same? Adjust the theme according with the group’s preferences and interests.
  2. In case you are working with a smaller group you can also this exercise with just one group instead of two. Then there will be no guessing game but the introduction element will still be there. People will get to know each other better based on similarities and differences.
    Also, with a big group you can also do it without splitting the group into two. Then finding similarities and differences will become even more of a challenge.
  3. In the video the groups guess unanimously. Instead of unanimous decision making you can also do the opposite and let every participant guess for him- or herself. Everyone that guessed correctly receives a point. This way the winner will be one participant rather than the whole group.

Do you know a good Team building Challenges variation? Type it below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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