Warming Up Exercise – A step forward

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Herman Otten
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With this warming up exercise the team and trainer get a clear picture of what everyone expects from the day. In addition to forming expectations this is also a great way to start the training and warm up to the upcoming exercises.

This Warming Up Exercise is great to start with because everyone will get to share what he or she expects from the training. The team will have to pay close attention to what is being said because you have to step forward if you agree. Note that the exercise is performed in silence except for the one sharing his or her expectations.

Besides warming up for the training this can also be used as a closing exercise. Instead of sharing expectations the team can share something afterwards about the day or the training. This will stimulate people to form an impression throughout the day. It’s important that the rest of the team pays close attention to what is being shared. This to preserve a good atmosphere and to make people form solid opinions.

In this exercise it’s also important to make sure everyone is focused. This will give off a appropriate listening atmosphere for the one sharing his or her opinion.

During the Warming Up Exercise you can apply variations:

  1. In addition to sharing expecations and experiences you can also ask various other questions. For example: ‘what were you more or less pleased with?’. It’s recommended to ask questions relevant to the subject matter of the training. A few examples:
    ‘What did you think about the communication?’
    ‘What’s your opinion about the personal safety throughout the day?’
    ‘What would you have done differently?’
  2. If the team is in good spirit you can implement a step back. When someone heavily disagrees with what’s being shared he or she is free to take a step back. This will make some people step forward, some backwards and others stand still.
  3. As a trainer you can also take part in this exercise! You can share how you experienced the group and the training throughout the day and see how the team compares to your impressions.

Do you know some good variations for this Warming Up Exercise, please share them in the comments below this video.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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