Positive Teamwork – Admiring

Created by:
Herman Otten
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This exercise will tribute to positive teamwork. First the team will say to each other who they admire. It can be anyone.

Next they say who they admire, but now they can only choose from people the all know personally. Next you point to someone of which they all say what part of him they admire. Go on untill everyone has had they turn to be admired.

During the Positive Teamwork exercise you can apply variations:

  1. During the last part of the exercise you can also just let everyone say who they admire in the group and why. The advantage is that it is faster than the version in the video. The only disadvantage of this variation can be that there can be someone that hasn’t been chosen.
  2. You can do a bonus round in which everyone says what part of himself he admires.
  3. During the last round you can also point to someone and let only one person, who wants to, say what he admires about that person. This is faster than the version in the video. But the oy disadvantage of this version is that it can be the case that no one says something about a certain person.

Do you know a good Positive Teamwork variation? Type it below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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