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Herman Otten
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This is one of our games for coworkers in which the team stands in a big circle. Everyone brought an object to the exercise which, for him, symbolizes an aspect within the team. One person puts his object in the center of the circle and says why he chose that object. The other persons walk towards or away from the object. The distance represents the feeling they have towards what the object represents. They all elaborate on their choice.

Each person tells the others why he choses a certain category and exercise, and then he will lead the exercise.

During the Games for Coworkers exercise you can apply variations:

  1. In the video only the persons next to the person that puts down the object walk to a certain distance. You can also let the person that puts down the object walk towards the object as well. He might have chosen the object and told which aspect it symbolises, the team might still not know how he relates to it himself.
  2. In the video the people stand in a circle and walk towards the object regarding how much they relate to the object, or they step backwards to show how they relate to the object.You can also let the people stand with their backs against the wall. This way they can only step forward to the object to show how the relate to it. This way they can’t step backwards, so standing still is the most far away point regarding the object.
  3. You can tell the participants the objects they have to bring are gifts, so they can’t keep them. After the exercise alle the objects are put somewhere in the workplace to remind the team what has been talked about during the exercise.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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