Teamwork Exercises – Team Constellations

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Herman Otten
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This is one of our teamwork exercises in which the team will make a constellation in the room.

Through this exercise the team gets a very vivid image about how the constellator sees the rest of the team including himself. After the constellator has put everyone in place and elaborated on his choices he may reposition them as he would like to see them in his ideal situation.

In this Teamwork Exercises multiple variations can be applied.

  1. Instead of letting the constellator reposition the participants in the room. You can also ask the participants to reposition themselves and let them explain why they went to that particular place in the room. Even sitting down on the ground or leaning against a wall is allowed, there’s no limitations as long as the participants can explain why they choose to do so!
  2. You can also do this exercise with professional actors.This means that the constellator isn’t putting his colleagues in place but the actors. The actors symbolize his colleagues instead. This way the participants see from the sideline where they are put in the room and can clearly see how the constellator sees them.
  3. After the constellator has put everyone in his ideal position ask him how this constellation could be achieved in a real word situation. What would be needed to make the feeling of this constellations a reality in the workplace? What would be specific actions a participant could take to get, for example, more closer to the group? Maybe something simple as getting a drink after work together 🙂

Do you know a good Teamwork Exercises variation? Please type it below this video as a comment!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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