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Herman Otten
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One of our great team building activities is the points for improvement exercise which is very suitable to communicate within the team what the participants would like to improve in themselves, in themselves and the team and in the the team but not themselves.

Especially the nuance difference between the whole team and the team without one individual is very good to be aware off. Often when people say “we have to improve communication.” They actually mean “You, and not me, have to improve communication. ” When people learn to see this difference people will become much more aware of themselves. The trainer writes down the improvements on the whiteboard. Below the improvements he writes the solutions to the problems.

You van apply variations to this Great team building activities exercise:

  1. Instead of focusing on the group or yourself for points for improvement you can make participants also share their feedback for things outside of the team. For example: What would you like to improve within our office? Or “How would you like to improve or change about the lunch break?”
  2. After the exercise the trainer can ask how the participants experienced sharing their points for improvement. Was it easier to share what you would like to improve on the team or was it easier to say would you would’ve liked to improve on just yourself? And why do you think like that?
  3. Instead of pointing at others to think of a suggestion for your point of improvement you can also let participants share if they agree with the point for improvement you just mentioned. Let them explain why they think like that!

Do you know more variations to this Great team building activities exercise? Share them below the video in the comment section!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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