Communication Exercises – Role Play Game

Created by:
Herman Otten
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The role play game is on of our communication exercises which is an excellent exercise to solve tensions and conflicts within a group.

Is there an uncomfortable atmosphere or a lot of tension in the workplace? Then director’s cut is one out of many effective ways to bring these unspoken problems to light and at the same time practice practical solutions brought forward by the team itself.

You can apply variations to this Communication Exercises:

  1. After a scene has been played out the group will give feedback and come up with alternatives. In addition to just verbal instructions they can actually join the scene and play it out themselves to show exactly what they mean.
  2. Instead of letting a set amount of actors play out the scene you can challenge the team to join the scene spontaneously if they see the situation take a bad turn. To illustrate. When feedback is being given in an offensive manner someone may jump in, stop the person giving the feedback and kindly show how he thinks it should be done.
  3. It may happen that the team needs to play out a scene with a lot of sensitivity around it. They might be reluctant to give it their all or they may feel very uncomfortable. If they therefor don’t start the scene fast enough you as a trainer can jump in and kick start the scene.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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