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Herman Otten
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This is one of our group games in which the team will tell stories to each other by whispering. The objective is to whisper the story through the whole group.

During the whispering the story has to remain completely intact. This will prove to be very difficult because it’s nearly impossible for a group to exactly retell a story 5 times or more!
It’s mostly the details that will be altered. Together with the team the trainer can pinpoint which aspects of the stories are changing and how they can improve this in the future.

During this Group Games exercise you can do several variations:

  1. When the team turns out to be quite good at the exercise you can challenge them to whisper the story at a faster speed. This will speed up the exercise and put their listening skills to the test. With faster whispering speed it will often happen that the story will be completely different.
  2. Instead of upping the speed of the exercise you can also tell the team to tell longer stories instead of telling a shorter story faster. The longer the story the more challenging it is to completely remember and retell it.
  3. If you work with a team that’s big enough to split into two groups. You can whisper a story to two participants from both groups. Now they retell the story in their own groups. When it reaches the last person in each group you can compare who did the best based on how intact the original story is.

When you know a good variation to this Group Games exercise please comment it below this video!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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