Negotiation Skills – The Bluff Game

Created by:
Herman Otten
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During this negotiationg skills exercise the team will improve their Negotiation Skills by playing a bluff game.

The team will learn how anticipating on the other persons choice can make him win a negotiation. They also learn how they can influence their opponent choise. Each person can write down Split, Steal or You’re a stealer on his notecard. Steal means you want to steal all the two points. Split means you want to split the two points. And ‘you’re a stealer’ means you think the other person has written down ‘you’re a stealer’ on his note card. After they talk to each other they will write down their final chose.

The outcome will be as follow:




You’re a stealer/Steal

You’re a stealer/You’re a stealer

During the Negotiation Skills exercise the trainer can apply variations:

  1. You can also play the game without the ‘you’re a stealer’ option. This makes the game less complicated, but also more boring.
  2. When at the end there are two or more people with the same points, those persons will play against each other untill there will be one final winner.
  3. Let the team evaluate the exercise and let them decide what tactic worked best for them.

Do you know a good negotiating skills exercise variation? Type it below this video as a comment.

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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