Get to know each other Games – The Key ring

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Herman Otten
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The key ring is one of our get to know each other games to acquaint the team with one another.

If you haven’t prepared anything or need an exercise at the start of the day you can do right of the bat the key ring is the perfect choice. Everyone has keys with him or her with a nice personal story attached to it. Mostly the key ring is done without much depth and people just describe the keys and what they are for. In this video we tried to add this depth to the exercise to make it more fun and engaging for everyone involved.

You can also apply variations to the Get to know each other Games exercise. A few examples are listed below.

  1. Instead of using your key ring you can also use your (smart) phone and do the exact same exercise! In this case you would describe the applications you have on your phone and what they mean to you or why only you think you use them. These days everyone has apps for personal interests so you can always tell a fun personal story about it.
  2. Just like your phone you can also do the same exercise with your wallet. What personal cards do you have? Are you a member of a club that gave you that particular card? You got a card for discount at your favorite store? Tell the group about them and why you have them!
  3. If it happens to be that you have contact with the group before you see them or you see them over a spawn of a couple of days. You can instruct the participants to take an object from home that has a special meaning for them. Let the team tell a story about the object they brought with them from their homes and do the same exercise.

Do you know a good Get to know each other Games variation? Type this as a comment below!

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Created by:
Herman Otten
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