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E. hermanotten82@icloud.com, T. +31630331728

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Herman graduated at the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After he worked a lot as an actor for film, television, theatre and radio he is specialised in teaching his public speaking class. He helped hundreds of people to get rid of their public speaking anxiety and motivated over a thousand people to improve their public speaking skills.
His head office is bases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every week he gives his public speaking training group course for individuals. He works as a permanent public speaking in-company trainer and coach for the Dutch Marines, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and many more companies. Since 2017 he gives his group training for individuals in New York City at the Magnet Theater Center.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quick and effective to get rid of their speaking anxiety and he does this for many years with great success.

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Warm Up Games – Contact

Contact is on of our warm up games wherein the team can honestly communicate what they think off each other or share what mood they have currently. In ‘touch’ you can build up the exercise according to your own preference. You can start easily just by letting the team make...

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Fun team building games – Scene of Thought

The thought scene is one of our fun team building games to let communication flow consciously. As was evident in the video, expressing thoughts in a conversation can give it a complete twist, for better or worse. Sometimes speaking your thoughts can have a desired effect whereas other times it...

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Effective communication exercises – Seeing, Thinking, Feeling

This is one of our effective communication exercises in which learns about communication. In the exercise the team makes pairs of three. Every participant in the pair gets a unique role. There is the observer, the observed and a person that checks if the exercise is done correctly. The observer...

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Games for Groups – How to play werewolves

‘Werewolves’ is one of our games for groups. In the video ‘how to play werewolves’ we explain how the game werewolves can be played. It is a really fun exercising in which the team tries to bluff and read each other. The werewolves pretend to be villagers all the the...

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Games for Teambuilding – Selling each other

This is one of our games for teambuilding in which the goal is for the participants is to pitch someone else from the group. The group members form pairs and acquaint themselves with each other. After having mingled for a while the team members will sell each other as if...

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Trust Game – Trust Fall

In this trust game participants let themselves fall backwards while someone else will catch them. In this exercise trust between the participants is build in a playful manner. This exercise is a good pick to warm up a group at the start of a day or in a group where...

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Games to get to know People – Catch the pillow

This is one of our games to get to know people in which the trainer throws a pillow in the audience and asks a couple of questions. For example: “Wat is your name?” or “Where do you come from?” These questions are suitable to ask in a group in which...

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Team Exercises for small groups – Stop Start Continue

Stop start continue is on of our team exercises for small groups in which conflicts within the team will be discussed in a different way. In the exercise the team will discover what kind of behaviour they would like to stop, start and continue. After this first step, the team...

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Team Building Game – Form a group with..

The team building game “Form a group with…” works best with bigger groups with at least ten participants. The trainer names a topic and the team will form groups. For example: form groups based on what style of humour you like. Now it’s the goal to form groups as quickly...

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Communication Exercises – Role Play Game

The role play game is on of our communication exercises which is an excellent exercise to solve tensions and conflicts within a group. Is there an uncomfortable atmosphere or a lot of tension in the workplace? Then director’s cut is one out of many effective ways to bring these unspoken...

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Team Building Activities – Crossing the Line

Crossing the line is on of our team building activities which is a perfect exercise when you have a bigger group to work with. This exercise can be used to get to know each other more thoroughly but is also great to solve conflicts and to create mutual respect for...